Lupus Fundraiser in Alexandria, VA - 4/16/12 - Mark your calendars

On Monday, April 16, a fabulous new restaurant in Cameron Station (Alexandria, VA) has graciously agreed to donate a percentage of sales to the Lupus Foundation.

PIZZAIOLO will be opening its doors from 5-10pm, and donating a percentage of its receipts to lupus charity. Be sure to come out for the event - come for dinner, grab a drink at the bar, get take-out, or stock up on their varied selection of beer and wine. You can also feel free to snag a Pillbag or a copy of Despite Lupus, as a percentage of my sales will also go to the Lupus Foundation that night. You can't lose!

MONDAY, APRIL 16th, from 5-10pm 
4906 Cameron Station Blvd
Alexandria, VA 22304

I'll be there from 5pm until about 7:30pm...see you then!


cb said…
Hi Sara, I live and work in the DC area and will definitely try to see you on Monday nite! Will I be able to purchase a pill bag? Also, your book has given me such strength and courage to accept this disease (now 5yrs +) and try to make changes. I have it in hard copy and Kindle - always re-reading. Thcbank you for all you do and for this website.
Sara Gorman said…
CB - I hope to see you on Monday night! Thanks so much for your wonderful comments - you are so kind and I wish you all the best as you continue to adjust to life with lupus. And yes - you'll be able to buy a pillbag this evening. You'll be able to walk away with a Pillpouch in hand, or place an order for a Pillfold. The Folds will be in within 2 weeks - I hope your pills can wait. :)

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