Pulling an all-day-er just isn't for me!

While I’m not exactly what you’d call a “working girl”, my travels for my book and my recently launched toiletry bags are definitely keeping me busy. My bags are taking a little longer to ramp up than I'd hoped, but between manufacturing woes and patent protection, I’ve just had to be patient and wait on announcing them to the world. 

But I have learned something, just in the few experiences of selling my bags. And that is this –  the all-day trade show/gift show/exposition and holiday spectacular scene is not an ideal fit for someone like me. Standing for hours at a time – working all afternoon – I'm just not capable of working that way anymore. Don't get me wrong - I love all the hustle and bustle that's involved. The other vendors, the customers, the energy surrounding the events - it's wonderful. But what's NOT wonderful is that fatigue that sets in every afternoon, regardless of how much fun I'm having selling my wares.   

So I’ve had to employ help. At a couple of the shows, I asked my sister to man the booth while I left to take a nap. Yes, I hated leaving. And yes, I felt like I was missing out. But it worked out pretty darn well. I was rested, Katie made some sales, and I think we both felt as if we were fulfilling out sisterly duty. I was following big sister’s orders (to rest), and she was coming to little sister's rescue. All around, a good fit. 

I have several more all-day events booked this year, and I'm already brainstorming on the best way to handle the afternoon. Do I leave and come back? Do I schedule shifts among those near and dear to me - that is, my sister, husband, and others? Is it cool to just pack up and leave? 

The good news is that I'm planning ahead, and that I have no intention of just pushing through the event into the wee hours of the afternoon. Been there, done that - and it's not productive. I'd be the lamest sales person ever...or at least the most tired!

Stay tuned for more on this. I'm sure I'll be sharing my solutions in posts to come!


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