Goodbye lupus - sharing a great article!

A girlfriend of mine sent me this article recently - it's a personal account of a woman who has lupus, but has recently been given a clean bill of health. That is, her symptoms are what I would call "clinically quiescent".  Titled "Goodbye, lupus. You don't own me anymore.", it's a great reminder of the hope and possibility that's out there for all of us. Below is one of my favorite paragraphs from the piece - but the whole thing really is wonderful. You can read the entire article here:

As human beings, we all experience situations in which we have to adapt, physically, socially or environmentally. It amazes me to know that we can get used to just about anything and how quickly we forget about the beloved “old ways” of our past. I accepted my symptoms and the indescribable fatigue as status quo. They were rarely challenged, perhaps because I was just too darn tired to challenge them. It was only in health that I came to realize how sick I was and how compromised a life I had lived.


Anonymous said…
I was diagnosed with Lupus shortly after the birth of my 2nd daughter. I lost weight rapidly, was i ngreat pain and my hair began to fall out. Weight is not an issue so much anymore, but pain, hair loss and nail growth are! I teach and I am exhausted and in pain daily. I am struggling to decide whether I should quit. Thanks for your blog and I look forward to reading your book!
Sara Gorman said…
Oh, what a pain lupus can be! Sorry you have to fight the pain and fatigue on a daily basis - it's so hard to do that day after day, I know. And it sounds like you have a lot to consider...since you teach, will you have some time this summer when you're not working to contemplate your options? Sometimes, answers become more clear when there's a change in scenery. In fact, I'm blogging about that on Monday...on a much smaller scale than deciding about quitting a job, but still, a decision is a decision! Best of luck -
Anonymous said…
What drug regimen is she talking about?

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