Lupus LOCKdown: Hair loss tricks and tips

So I call this post "Lupus LOCKdown: Let no strand fall behind."

(I know, I know - that corny sense of humor of mine keeps you guys coming back post after post.) As promised, here are my go-to's when my hair is falling out:

1) Wash your hair as few times a week as possible. (If there's not much there, it's not getting that dirty, right?) When you do wash or condition...just pat on and gently wash out. A light, gingerly touch is key here. And go easy on the hair towel. Just pat dry...and let those stringy strands air dry on their own. At least they'll stay in that way!

2) Put your hair up, anyway you can, so that you don't see the thinning wisps that remain every time you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror.

3) Accessorize. Add earrings, necklaces, scarves and the like, anything that draws attention (yours and others!) to something other than your hair.

4) Add a hat to your look. There was a time when I didn't go anywhere without a hat on. It just covers up everything you need to cover up. And I'm not talking about a baseball cap day in and day out. Think cute, little numbers that add a bit of pizazz to your outfit.

5) Go short. Just cut it off, and start from scratch, and then watch your face light up from the fresh new start you've given yourself. (Note - I've done a complete overhaul of my hair only one time, and a semi-overhaul one other time. In the case of my three other hair loss episodes, the degree of hair loss didn't warrant a short new 'do. So use a bit of caution before you snip. Perhaps consult a good friend before cutting. If the loss really isn't that may just need to wait it out.)

6) Consult a dermatologist. (I waited too long on this one. Feel free to learn from my mistakes, and just make the appointment. If anything can be done, seize the opportunity!)

7) Consider getting a wig, or a hair piece. Whatever gives you coverage, and makes you feel good about yourself...I say do it!

Any other tips? Feel free to share in the comments or via email. I'd love to hear from you!


Acla said…
Hi had a good look around your blog and some great tips for hair loss.I have just startd a blog on hair loss and it is always intersting to hear why people lose their hair,there are so many reasons.Having a chronic illness and hair loss as a result,is tough and people do not realise that losing hair can have a huge affect on confidence when battling an illness.Keep up the good work and advice
ak Gale said…
My hair guro said to use a very wide tooth comb and pat gently. Don't wrap it up in a heavy to weight pulls too hard. On bad times turn shower volume down or take a bath and rinse by laying down and left the soap float out. Use super gentle maybe sulfide free and never baby shampoo. I want a sunscreen for scalp for protection from Uv Flourscent lights. Any ideas? Gale
Sara Gorman said…
Acla - Thanks for sharing. I agree about the hair loss...I always say that my insides could be falling out, but as long as my hair was intact, I could get by. But once those bald spots started to appear - it was very tough emotionally.

ak Gale - Great tips...thanks so much for sharing! I'll let you know if I hear of a sunscreen. What a brilliant idea.
tiki said…
nice tips
I just know lupus can cause hair loss..
i usually use honey treatment and consume omega 3 to prevent hair loss
they both work very good for me

Hair Loss Treatments
Anonymous said…
Aveda used to have a sunscreen for hair. It was a spray in product. As I wa reading about hair loss i remembered I used it in the past.
Lauren said…
Nioxin has a scalp treatment leave in conditioner with sunblock although it is only SPF 15.
Sara Gorman said…
I remember my girlfriend in Canada mentioning Nioxin. Sounds like it may be a winner. Thanks for sharing!
Unknown said…
A light, gingerly touch is key here. And go easy on the hair towel. Just pat dry...and provillus for men let those stringy strands air dry on their own. At least they'll stay in that way!
Sara Gorman said…
Letting your hair dry IS key! i agree!
Unknown said…
I like tip no. 6 – that's the best option for extreme hair fall and if you're looking for a long lasting result. Consult a dermatologist so you'll be aware of what better options are there. The procedure doesn't have to be invasive. There are non-surgical treatments that can regrow your hair naturally if the procedure is right for you. Vivian Jefferson @ Laser Skin Beautiful
Sara Gorman said…
Thanks, Vivian. I agree, a dermatologist can really help guide you in figuring out what your options are. They can also confirm even the smallest amount of new hair growth...which is always good to hear!
Allan said…
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Unknown said…
These are excellent tips, and a great way to help for those in the same predicament. Hair loss isn't just an issue of appearance; it is rooted in our sense of being and the confidence that arise from seeing ourselves whole. Anyway, thanks for sharing these with us, Sara!

Chantel Fett @ Knight And Sanders
Sara Gorman said…
Chantal - "Rooted" indeed! :) Thanks for your comments - I absolutely agree with you. As my hair slowly grows back, I can tell just how much its absence was felt!
Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
yes this is very great tips i personally adore it and by this tips we save our hair from losing and get our hair thin and shiny thanks for sharing these kind of's to much great.

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