Living well is, well, addictive

Remember my "X"? The attempt to finish a post before 10pm the night before it's published? Well - it's working. And I'm addicted.

Avoiding that mad dash has been great - I no longer feel the illumnation of the clock boring a hole in me as I finish up the last few sentences of a post. There's no end-of-day fogginess to contend with, no "gotta rush so I can get to bed" nonesense. It seems that working on a post earlier than later is proving to be a fabulous thing...and I should have known it would be.

It forces me to strategize, to plan things in advance, so that I'm not waiting until the last minute to pound out something that I can post. I've even avoided working on a post the entire day before it's posted...I just like the leisurely aspect of writing up something two or more days in advance and then just letting it sit. And no doubt this has all been great for my disease...lupus loves to feed on last-minute stress and anxiety, of which there has been very little. Yes, things in the land of Despite Lupus are calm and serene at present, and it may be that this lifetime procrastinator has been converted. Let's hope so!

(Okay - calm and serene might be a little much, given the two wee ones I live with, but you get the point.)

This idea of "sauntering: through the week, if you will, rather than rushing to make things happen at the last minute, reminds me of a quote I cited in my book. Years ago, I ran across this quote by Sandra Felton, author of "How Not to be a Messie". She says:

"To make Sunday satisfying, Saturday has to slow down.
To slow Saturday down, we have to control the weekdays.
We have to force them to march slowly in a more stately
manner so they won’t lump up at the end. "

Here's to a cool, calm and collected week, and to forcing lupus to take a back seat. Hey - maybe she'll just curl up back there and take a nap. It would be nice not to hear from her for awhile, wouldn't it?


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