Sticking with the program

...aka Minding my P's and Q's (and X's)!

That's right, folks - no official blog post today, as I'm sticking to my word that I wouldn't work on a blog post after 10pm the night before it's published. Last night, 10pm came and went, and I didn't have a post finished for today. So - you'll just have to have to wait until I'm good and rested (read: Monday) for the next update from the files of Despite Lupus.

Until then, I'll leave you with two quick stories about my sweet girl Deirdre:

Dialogue exchange between me and 2-year old Deirdre:

Mommy: Deerdee, wait just one minute - I have to take my medicine.
Deirdre: Mommy, you sick?
Mommy: No, Deerdee - I take medicine because it keeps me healthy. Do you remember why I take it?
Deirdre: Lupus?
Mommy: That's right! I take it because of lupus.

If I can get her to say, "Live Well! Despite Lupus!" with all the vim and vigor she can muster, I'll be sure to capture it on film. She'd be my best marketing strategy yet.

And if there's any doubt whether or not lupus gets enough press in our household, check this out:

Deirdre was playing on my laptop the other day. I peeked into the room where she was "working", and she was typing away, saying, "lupus, lupus, lupus...lupus, lupus, lupus", varying her intonation and delivery each time. Guess it's never too early to learn about lupus, or to practice saying it with enthusiasm.

Have a great weekend!


Katie Rice said…
Everyone this is Emma speaking:HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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