Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Declaration #2: Taking up "Y"

First of all - how's project "X" going? From my end, things are going well. Based upon the fact that this post wasn't written, edited, or proofed after 10pm last night, I guess I'm doing okay. I'll be sure to keep you posted!

Now it's time to move on to our "Y" - that is, choosing something to take up that will improve or increase our chances of living well, despite our disease. Once again, this could be anything - a food, an activity, or a behavior. Whatever it is, just be prepared to stick with it. After all, that's what this week of public declaration (even if it's under your breath) is all about. I'm willing to put myself out there - why don't you join me?

So here's my "Y" - Declaration Numero Dos - Taking up "Y":

I hereby swear to reincorporate into my diet at least two fruit smoothies a week. (I used to have them daily, but I burned out on berries after about a year. Now, it's time to get back at it.) I'm pleased to say that I'm off on the right foot with this one - last week, I chalked up two smoothies, and this week, I already have one just one more to go. Smoothies are such a refreshing treat - and such a good alternative to the pancakes/toast/bagel I would normally have in addition to my cereal. Now I just need to add frozen mixed fruit to my Peapod orders...

And since things are going so well in the "X, Y, Z" category this week, I'm tempted to give up another "X", per Monday's post. Why not? How tough can two fruit smoothies and a 10pm curfew be?

So here's an extra "X" - In addition to ADDING smoothies into my diet, I'm going to SUBTRACT french fries from my diet. Ouch. That hurt to actually type out. But we'll give it a try. It's just my entire bleedership that will be keeping tabs on me...


  1. Hi Sara, I cant believe you are on to your 2nd 'X' already, go girl! Your XYZ scheme has come at a great time for me, following one of my worst lupus flares & the addition of prednisolone to my meds. So I am giving up more hours at work, which is so hard because I am such a stubborn control freak. But I am going to add yoga, pilates or swimming to my weekly routine - not all 3 I hasten to add, I have got to keep this realistic. Good luck everyone with your XYZ's. Love from the UK. X

  2. Ruth - Thanks for stopping by! Sorry to hear about your flare - here's hoping that the prednisone works wonders and gets things back under control.

    And from one stubborn control freak to another :), I bet you'll see pretty immediate results once you reduce your hours. It is SOOO hard to do, I know...but in a month or two, once you are feeling better, you'll see what a smart move you made. And adding any of those three exercises sounds wonderful. Good, low impact choices that will let you move your body in ways that will only help. And I'm with you - just pick one for now. (Isn't it so like us to have to ratchet back on our plan to be healthy?) Will we ever stop? :) Take care!

  3. My diet is already pretty good at the moment. I think what I'm going to do is make sure I take my vitamins and supplements every day. Lately I have been SO slack and very sporadic with taking them!

  4. Ah. Yes. I considered that one, myself. The old vitamins. But I've been very consistent with my calcium I'll leave this one to you, Sportsgirl!