Lupus hits the big screen

No, it's not a film adaptation of "Despite Lupus" (not yet anyway!), but it's the next best thing. A movie whose female lead has lupus - which may be the first of its kind!

Love Simple, a comedy/romance is celebrating its launch on iTunes by working with the SLE Lupus Foundation to raise money for lupus research and awareness. For the week of June 14-21, 30% of the film’s iTunes proceeds will go to the foundation. Hailed by Variety as an “engaging neighborhood pic...with genuine flair and wit,” Love Simple is a coming-of-age romance whose lead female character suffers from lupus.

The depiction of a lupus sufferer is rare in film (the producers can't find another!) and Love Simple stars NYC actress Patrizia Hernandez, and Caitlin Fitzgerald from It's Complicated.

In addition, the producers of the film will donate 10% to the SLE Lupus Foundation for the life of the film on iTunes. Wow! What a tribute!

Below you'll find the trailer, and click here to check out their website. And spread the word!


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