Saving these lupus joints - one grocery bag at a time

You all know how I feel about having my groceries delivered. I've blogged about it, and the option to "Have your groceries delivered" has popped up on multiple polls, so you know I'm a proponent. So even though I didn't need one more ounce of convincing - I realized that with the heavy stuff I ordered last week and again this week (delivered this morning, thank you very much), I'm an official Peapod fanatic!

Here's a quick and dirty list of the "stuff" that is just too heavy for this lupite to carry. I mean - which of us with any tendency toward arthritis should be hauling around cases of water? Really!

Delivered most recently to my doorstep (actually, to my kitchen counter or laundry room, whichever applied):

*Two cases of water (24 bottles each)

*One (20-lb) bag of dog food

*Three gallons of milk

*One large bottle of liquid laundry detergent

*One pack of 12 rolls of paper towels and a pack of 12 rolls of toilet paper
(Granted, neither are heavy, but they make the list for awkwardness and would have qualified for an extra trip from the cart to my car, had I been shopping at the supermarket.)

*One bottle each of cranberry juice, orange juice, and V8 juice

*One (5-lb) bag of flour

*About 10 canned goods, including salsa, tomato sauce, pickles and hoisin sauce (remember...I'm pregnant!)

* One large bottle of dish washing detergent

And that's just the heavy stuff! (I won't bore you with my ENTIRE grocery list. That might be a little too revealing.)

But seriously - how much wear and tear did I save my joints on that one simple task? A ton! (And that's about how much my groceries weighed, too.) And thanks to my readers who commented on last week's post, agreeing that Peapod (and outsourcing other household duties) is the way to go.


Patty Richey said…
I could not agree more! The first thing I did when I was diagnosed in Aug 2009 was sign up for Peapod.

I actually find that I save money from not having those impulse buys. Plus they often send coupons to save money on the delivery fee.

I tell people that I have so little energy at this point that the last place I want to waste it is in the grocery store! And I used to like grocery shopping.

I am so worth an $8 delivery fee and my husband could not agree more.

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