Helpful Hannah

Because asking for and accepting help is such a big part of our lives with lupus (so much so that the subject earned its own chapter in my book!), I thought a poll covering this very issue might be appropriate.

When you get the chance, cast your vote in the poll at the right. Which household duty would you love some help with? Cleaning the house? Keeping up the yard? Maybe it's running around town for errands, or taking the kids to every practice/rehearsal/play date they have.

Give it some thought, and then cast your vote.

Okay, now that that's done...think long and hard about what you've selected. Have you thought about options to get the help you need? Could you delegate that responsibility to someone else in the family, to a friend, another parent, or to even a service?

Forget about the fact that you're the only one that really knows the brand of salsa to buy, or that you're super picky about how your flowers are pruned. Instead, think of the hour or two you might save letting someone else do it for you, not to mention the exhaustion, fatigue, and joint pain that you'll save yourself.

Most importantly, don't just walk away from this poll thinking, "If only..." Think about how you might make it happen, like REALLY make it happen. Even if it's just one time, see if you can come up with a way to ask for and accept a helping hand.

And once you do, stop back by and let me know how it goes!


Patty Richey said…
I started having my house cleaned before I was diagnosed and started getting Peapod to deliver groceries after. Both are totally worth it. Peapod is only $8 after the two month free delivery and it so worth it. You probably save almost $8 from not impulse shopping. Give it a try!
Unknown said…
I decided that a clean house was the situation that helps me the most. I put my money there (and I don't have much) because my mood is much better when the house is clean. Better mood = more stress reduction = better pain management. It's worth every penny. Cooking and shopping are minor compared to cleaning (in my book).

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