I am pooped!

I realized something last week - I really depend on my babysitter!

Because last week was "tech" week for the play she is in, she was only able to come for half an hour (as opposed to 2 hours) everyday last week. And boy, was I a pooped pup by the end of the week! I'm blown away at how much it helps to have a real break (not just a nap) in the afternoon. Of course, I was able to get that nap in everyday (although one day, Deirdre didn't nap, but I still managed to get in a little shut eye), but that's it. Maybe an email or two during that coveted 30 minutes while the sitter was here, but nothing more. And often times, I was choosing to extend my nap just a bit because I just needed a little extra rest.

So now I know - it's not only 2 hours of sleep that I rely on a day...it's that additional 2 hours of "rest" time that my babysitter allows me. I guess I never realized how relaxing I make those couple of hours while Deirdre is playing her heart out with the sitter. She loves it - she cackles, and giggles, and runs around like a maniac while my beloved sitter is here. And I love hearing those sounds...it makes me feel better about having a sitter in the first place. But now...now that I've had an opportunity to run this little "experiment", I no longer feel guilty about booking help in the afternoon. I know my body relies on the break - that I'm a healthier, more energetic, more playful mother BECAUSE of it. We all need breaks - and I for one, give you permission to take yours! (Although you can't have my sitter...she's booked 4 days a week!)


Marilyn said…
I don't have a "sitter" but I do have public school! My youngest is in Kindergarten this year and wow, what a difference it makes to have a few hours to nap, run a couple errands or whatever I choose while no one is around. It relieves some of the guilt of the disease when I can have down time and no one knows about it!
Sara Gorman said…
Right! I remember some wise lupus mom advising me of that fact...that even though Deirdre will eventually stop napping, she will eventually start school. And looky there - instant nap! :)

Thanks for sharing!

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