Skinny pens – my new pet peeve

I have a renewed appreciation for Good Grip products. I’ve always known how handy they can be when my arthritic hands are throbbing and in pain, but now I’m thinking I should stick to the friendly-handled gadgets for good. I recently grabbed a smooth, super skinny, slippery pen out of my desk drawer and was shocked to find that my hands ached when I tried to write with it. It was practically useless! I’m not in a flare, and I haven’t had any symptom activity for months…but that pen was just too skinny. It took me right back to the days when wincing in pain while doing the simplest of hand motions was a regular occurrence. I don’t need any reminder of that, so you can imagine where that slip of a pen is now. Hasta la vista, senor stylo!

Looking for some good products to help you get some leverage, avoid slippage, or ease your grip? Check some of these handy tools from Boston Warehouse (a recommendation from a reader) or OXO.


Helen said…
I hate skinny pens! It hurts so much to hold them. I need a nice, fat, cushy pen.

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