On a roll with meetings galore!

I can't believe I'm still beaming from my lupus support group meeting a couple of weeks ago. It was a small group, but what a fabulous discussion we had!

The meeting consisted of just 7 people (allowing for a lot of banter back and forth), we were all "old-timers" (so no introductions needed), and we talked as much about jobs and vacation plans and as we did aches, pains and medications. And yet we covered a lot of lupus ground -talking about the difficulties of being photosensitive, having lupus fog, and trying to pinpoint lupus triggers, among many others. We laughed, we cried, cracked jokes, and poked fun (all in jest, of course) - weaving in and out of lupus-talk without hesitation. It was an effortless meeting - and it reminded me that we're not just a bunch of sick, downtrodden weaklings getting together every month. We're accomplished, interesting people first, lupus patients second. How refreshing!!

And then, if that wasn't enough to make my month, I had a dynamite book club meeting two nights ago. Another small, intimate group - but what a great discussion! We talked at length about our September book club book, A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving. I read it years ago, but still remember how much I enjoyed it. We talked about the book for a good bit of time, but, as is traditionally the case, ended up covering a whole host of topics. At one point, we got onto the Myers-Briggs testing - and somehow it came out that I'm an ESTJ. Any one else out there with me?

What a great group of ladies we had - and attending both meetings reminds me of how wonderful it is to connect, share, and brainstorm with others in a group-like setting. What an opportunity to exchange information and ideas - and, of course, I welcome yours on the topics above. Anyone out there love Owen Meany? Had any great support group interactions lately? Let me know - I'd love to keep the buzz going!


B-O-B said…
Hey lady!

So I had been traveling that weekend before that Support Group meeting and knew I shouldn't have made the trip up to DC...but I just felt like I needed to. I kept saying to people, that it just felt like the right thing. And sure enough, I would echo your thoughts here, that was a great night! I thoroughly enjoyed myself and our conversation
Sara Gorman said…
It was great, wasn't it? Hope we have another one like that soon. I'm so glad you made it - although I hope you didn't pay for it later in the week. It was a pleasure hearing about life in academia! :)

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