The good old days...

So if Henry is going to get a little air time, I suppose Dar deserves a post, too. Just so happens that I already had a post brewing about Mr. DJ Wilikers (D for Darwin, J for Jarlath...don't ask.)

Just a few days ago, I took Darwin on a walk. Just the two of us. No Deirdre, no Johnny, and no Hen. Just me and old Dar. It reminded me of the walks we used to take while I was writing my book. I figured out so many passages during those walks. When I was stumped on a chapter, or had a case of writer's block, I'd leash up Dar and we'd hit the pavement. It would work every time.

It even works to cool my (ahem) temper, stubbornness, or frustration, should any of the three get a little out of hand. During our walks, I don't usually talk out loud - I just let it all simmer in my head...letting it work (or rather, diffuse) itself before I say things I might regret. Of course, every once in awhile I bounce things off of Darwin, who is the world's greatest listener (next to my husband, of course), and Dar always gives me the best answer. Silence. He just lets me work out all of my thoughts, allowing me to come to the right conclusion every time. I do think he gives me an extra pant or two when he likes what I've said. I'm sure it's a tactic they learned in pug school. These guys are real gems, I tell you.

So with the fall weather upon us, and even during those last few warmish days of summer, I encourage you to get out and take a walk. It doesn't have to be a long one, or a brisk one. It just has to be a thought-provoking one. Take advantage of the fact that it's still light after dinner, and just cool enough for a light jacket. Capitalize on the chance to work out your worst feelings toward lupus, or toward a situation at work, or toward someone close to you. Let those infuriating and frustrating feelings pound right out of you through your feet (or paws), and literally will those emotions away. I mean, look how happy this guy is. Not a care in the world. And you should see his face when he's on a walk...pure bliss.


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