Living Well with Lupus: 5 Factors to Focus on

Years ago, someone asked me to list the changes I'd made since becoming a parent. 

How was I caring for my baby and accommodating my illness?  What factors were keeping me healthy? How was I remaining flare-free?

That was 15 years ago, and the list I came up with then still works for me now. You can read the whole list here, but number four may be the most important. Keep in mind Deirdre (now 15) was less than a year old at the time:  

#4 - Do what you must to stay well, no exceptions: 

There's nothing more important than staying well - if not for yourself, then for that little munchkin who's counting on you. I've talked to many people who are so proud of themselves for staying healthy. And you know what? We SHOULD be proud. It takes a lot of work, effort, and discipline. And we're choosing to live well. We really are. I know lupus is unpredictable, and mysterious, and evasive. But there are choices we can make that help us stay one step ahead of the disease. Those choices aren't always easy, and they aren't always convenient...but for my little lady - what wouldn't I do? 


The choices I make to stay healthy. 

The steps I take to keep my symptoms minimal and my flares rare. 

This is what I want to write about.

After almost 23 years with lupus, why not share what's working? 

It feels fantastic to have come this far in my journey with lupus.  Most of the daily decisions I make don't feel like accommodations or sacrifices anymore. 

They just feel...right. Like I'm supposed to be living this way. Healthy, happy, healed. 

Living well. On purpose. 

While it's been a combination of factors that has kept my lupus activity at bay, here are the areas I've focused on over the years: 






Striking the right balance in all of these areas has required trial and error.  




Sometimes, what my body tells me it needs isn't always what I want to hear. 

And I don't always do - or eat - or skip -what I should. 

But I try. 

I'm not perfect. But I am purposeful. 

The work, effort, and discipline I talked about almost 15 years ago in #4? 

It's worth it. 

**Note that I never "experimented" with my medicine without my doctor's consent. I always recommend working closely with your doctor before making any changes to your medication regimen. That's part of what's kept me healthy! 


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