Lupus In :60 - #lupusin60 - Cutting Corners, Holiday Style!

Let the holiday baking begin! 🍪

LupusIn60: Cutting Corners, Holiday style! -- I've loved making homemade cookies for as long as I can remember. Even during college, whipping up a batch of homemade cookies was one of the first things I would do when I was home on break. My love for baking has continued into adulthood, and the only thing that's ever gotten in the way of my hobby was my diagnosis of systemic lupus. Unrelenting flares, accompanied by joint pain and fatigue left me feeling depleted, leaving zero energy or motivation to bake. It was sad! But I learned to accept my limitations during those tough times, knowing that nursing my body back to health with rest (and sometimes an increase in doctor-prescribed prednisone!) was the best way to ensure that I would be back to baking before long. In fact, I learned that cutting corners - like using a cookie mix like this one - made baking possible even sooner than expected. No need to haul out a heavy mixer (that I couldn't lift with joint pain anyway), or measure handfuls of ingredients (which taxed my swollen hands); with a mix, you just add butter and an egg and voila! Instant delicious cookies! This one from Aldi comes highly recommended, and the other one I swear by is a pouch of Sugar Cookie Mix from Betty Crocker - absolutely delicious! Add some frosting, and you'd never know they're not homemade! 🤫 

You have my permission this holiday season to cut as many corners as you like! 🎄


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