Lupus and Accupunture: Has it helped you?

In an earlier post, I talked about some of the habits I do to stay healthy, and (knock on wood) flare-free with lupus. Some are just smart moves in general - tweaks in lifestyle (less stress), diet (whole foods), and exercise regimens (at least 10 min daily) come fairly easily, since most of the world agrees they are paramount for overall health and wellness.  But one accommodation I've made is still a challenge - and that's my daily nap.

Don't get me wrong - I no longer go kicking and screaming to my bedroom, lamenting the fact that I'm probably the only person in the whole stinking world who has to nap in order to function. (When the hyperboles come out, you know I'm exhausted.) And I no longer look at the time of my nap as productivity lost, like I used to. Rather, I see it as productivity gained, because of how refreshed and renewed I am when I awaken. But still... it's a daily nap, that interrupts every afternoon of every day. And I would love to get rid of it. 

So I'm going to try something new, and I hope some of you have some insight. I'm making an appointment to start accupunture to treat my fatigue. (Insert nervous emoji here!)

Tell me - have any of you tried accupunture for fatigue or other lupus symptoms? I consulted an east/west medicine doctor once, and his opinion was that I continue Cellcept and Cozaar for my kidney and other organ involvement (plus Plaquenil, Iron and baby aspirin for general lupus issues), and try accupunture for the daily fatigue. And finally, I'm ready to make the appointment! 

Look forward to may feedback you have. Thanks in advance! 


Just figured it out:
Good day

I could not figure out how to comment on your blog regarding or rather answering your question about acupuncture.

Beyond a doubt, acupuncture has saved my life. But also the brilliance of my doctor. He is a Taoist Traditional Chinese doctor from Taiwan. Taoist's are not at all sexist, they believe in the Yin and Yang, the balance of a person and or partnership. He diagnosed my Lupus when I was 35, it took my medical doctors after years of being dismissed to finally diagnose me at the age 65. Therefore for decades under the care of my Chinese doctor, I had never gone on drugs until recently. Only take hydroxychloroquine and my herbs. At age 70, I do not take a nap, I work full time but keep a low key 3 days a week. To note at this time the severity of my lupus at times has been so serve I generally have thought I had bone cancer. Then we change my herbs and get a treatment. And, yes, I have strict real food diet with an hour of exercise a day. No matter what our cross to bear, it is a challenge getting older, an uphill battle.

Yes, indeed, pursue acupuncture.

Be well and thank you for my blog, I will start to read it regularly, thanks to Dr Donald Thomas.
Sara Gorman said…
This is incredibly helpful - thank you so much! I just discovered a friend of ours offers acupuncture in his chiropractic practice, so all signs are pointing to me revisiting this treatment. Thank you for the nudge!! And yay to Dr. Thomas. He is wonderful! (And your carpentry/design work is fantastic. Wow! Totally inspired!)

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