Lupus and All Stars in the Community: Highlight on Dr. Donald Thomas

It's Lupus Awareness Month and I would be remiss if I didn't highlight some of my favorite people in the online lupus community. There's no better place to start than with the fabulous Dr. Donald Thomas, author of "The Lupus Encyclopedia" and first-rate lupus expert.  

The first time I met Dr. Thomas was almost 12 years ago. I had just published my book, and had been asked to share the stage with him at a doctor-patient speaking event. Upon meeting him, I instantly knew he was different than other doctors. He demonstrated a genuine care and concern about the disease and those it affected that I simply hadn't seen before. As the questions from the audience starting coming in, I could tell he truly valued the patient voice, and was invested in the outcome of every patient - none of whom were actually his - in the audience. He has subsequently become THE go-to source (i.e. an internet sensation!) for reliable and accurate online lupus education. 

He brings to the table equal parts expertise, education, and empathy. He educates to empower, giving patients the valuable information they need to make better decisions to manage their disease. 

If you don't already follow him on social media, you can do that here and here.  (You can even get a sneak peek at his cicada fascination right now!) And definitely check out his website, The Lupus Encyclopedia and his book. The book will be the only reference one you need! 

Thanks, Dr. Thomas, for all the work you do to educate and treat lupus patients! 


Don Thomas, MD said…
Sarah: you brought a tear to my eye today (really). I am so glad I looked through my old Twitter feeds today (I'm usually very very bad with Twitter).

You know, we all do what we do because it makes a difference. The same with you. I can't imagine how many lives you have touched by being a speaker and people reading your book. They can identify with the troubles you had, the denial, then the eventual hard work with adherence.

Keep up the wonderful work. Hopefully a cure will come someday so we can all stop blogging and speaking and fighting! But until then... we will


Dr T
Don Thomas, MD said…
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Sara Gorman said…
Yes, to all of the above! Beautifully said, as always. Here's to a cure, and for the progress we make until then!

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