Lupus and Pills: Don't be shy if they're saving your life!

Part of our mission at Sara Gorman's Pillbags is to break the stigma associated with pill taking. 💊 Just because someone takes a handful of pills each day doesn't mean they're weak or feeble. It doesn't mean they've given up, and it doesn't mean they're just compensating for an unhealthy lifestyle. And it certainly doesn't mean they're not trying alternative ways to improve their health. 💪

Being a pill taker isn't taking the "easy way out", either. Ask any pill taker - we'd love to shed the cost of the medication, the hassle of having the prescription filled, and the battle to get the insurance company to cover it.  Add to that the side effects (so many!) and restrictions (No sun! No alcohol! No driving!), and there is every reason we wish we were prescription-free. 

But our reality is that we are not. For many of us, our lives depend on those medications. They are literally keeping us alive, so there's no reason we should be made to feel bad about it. 

That's why I try not to be shy about my illness, either - because there's no reason I should be. I confidently carry my pills in a cute pillfold, and cinch up my medication bottles in a stylish drawstring Pillpouch. I wear cute lupus tees like this one from LupusChick because I am a lupus patient, and I have a story to share. This is part of who I am today - not in spite of lupus, but, in some ways, because of it. 


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