Lupus: Ways to Relax and Unwind. Plus, 2 of my Fave Products!

Earlier this week, I talked about feeling overwhelmed. I went on to talk about one way I manage that emotion,  which was to employ my pro-active, energized, "let's make things happen" approach.

But on other days, I don't feel like making anything happen. Maybe it's because my lupus symptoms are in full effect.  Maybe unknown test results are looming. Or maybe life just feels like too much. Whatever the reason, I need to sit back, relax, and try to clear my overburdened head.

Here are my go-to strategies for making it through those days. Call it pampering if you must. They work!

1) I put on slippers:

It may sound crazy, but it's hard for me to stress in slippers. With comfies on my feet, I feel like life just sloooooows down. Or maybe it's because I slow down, and simply don't mind that life is going on around me.

2) I brew a cup of hot tea:

This is my oldest, most reliable strategy for dealing with lupus and all its mess. Heck, I use it to deal with life! I've recently taken to having a second cup of tea before the kids come home from school. Boy, does it put me in the right, relaxed frame of mind!

3) I treat myself to a spa shower:

Ah! Now we're getting to the reason I wrote this post! A warm shower is just about the best way to clear my head. Sometimes, it allows me to forget about my burdens. Others, it actually gives me the objectivity I need to sort things through. And physically, the warmth soothes my joints and eases swelling. Just what the doctor ordered!

I have cycled through many shower products in my time, and I have two current favorites:

 -- Dove Exfoliating Body Polish: Oh my gosh, am I in love!! This stuff feels fantastic going on. It's the best $6 you will spend. Try my fave, the Macadamia & Rice Milk, to start.

-- Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion: This has been such a game changer! I feel like my skin suffers from the medications I take, and putting on lotion after a shower is not only time-consuming, but hard on my joints. This lotion goes on in the shower, rinses off, and then leaves you moisturized from head to toe. Love this year around!

And for those of you thinking it - yes, there were weeks, if not months, where a shower exhausted me because my lupus fatigue was so intense. I would need to rest for a full 20 minutes after taking one! Those were slipper/hot tea days, of course.  Do what works for you, and listen to your body.

And if your body says there's another shower product that we should try, please share it!!


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