The Phases of Lupus: A Trip Down Memory Lane - starting with hair loss!

I was recently asked to submit a few photos to accompany a lupus interview I did. I found the exercise particularly revealing.  Flipping through images of myself over the years seem to tell their own story of my journey living with lupus.

First, there were the series of pictures depicting various stages of hair loss. Oh, how I dreaded some of those phases! But I tried my best to celebrate even the slightest sign of progress.

Images like this one, of me with short, spiky hair, instantly took me back to times when my hair loss threatened my sense of self and feelings of femininity, but never succeeded. You can see the baldest spots at the front beginning to fill in. Three cheers for signs of hair growth! And thank goodness I discovered the importance of a cute pair of earrings. 

Then there were the "in between" pictures - times where I was patiently waiting for my hair to grow out, and trying to make the most of the hairstyles I was stuck with.

I even remember having Johnny take this revealing "underneath" picture below, to show just how much growth (or loss, whichever way you look at it!) was lurking under the few long locks I had. See all those short, stubby hairs underneath!?

The picture below, taken a little later, shows just how much hair loss can be masked with the right combover and styling.  I had to switch my part to mask one of the big bald spots, and my hair just hung in place - there was no swing or bounce because there was so little hair. I also recalled not being able to make any sudden movements, in fear that the coverage I'd carefully crafted would be destroyed.  But I was thankful for the end result!

Next up on the blog - my journey with photosensitivity.  From lean times where the beach was off limits, to better days where a good sun hat and plenty of sunscreen could buy me a good hour in the sun. Oh, the ups and downs of lupus!


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