Hooray, Hooray! It's Lupus Awareness Month! 💜💜💜 Win a Pillfold and Book, plus, plus, plus! Just leave a comment below to enter today!!

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We are thrilled to take part in this year's LAM Gift Box Raffle sponsored by Exagen Diagnostics -- Just look at these purple goodies!! ☝️☝️

One lucky winner will be chosen to receive this box full of lupus goodness - including a signed copy of yours truly's "Despite Lupus" AND a Pillfold! A steal of a deal, plus, plus, plus! 🎉🎉

Just leave a comment on this blog or on our Instagram post saying WHAT A LUPUS CURE MEANS TO YOU (or someone you know), and you'll be entered to win. Easy as Lupus Pie! ðŸĨ§ðŸĨ§

Lucky winner announced on May 24th! #pillfold #freestuff #lupusawareness


Mumba said…
I am a mother of three and have had Lupus for 35 years. It has been heartbreaking for me not to be able to do some of the things other mothers have done with their children. It’s also pulled on my heart strings to see the pain in my children’s eyes to watch me suffer over the years. A cure for Lupus would be no other mother would have to experience this.
Leanna said…
A cure for lupus would mean waking up every day feeling great. It would mean that not everyone at my doctors office or my pharmacy would know me by name. I have had lupus since I was ten and I am 42 now, I have not known a pain free life, before being diagnosed I had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.
Kristi said…
New to your blog, excited to read more!
emily said…
a cure for lupus would being able to wake up with my whole body hating itself. a cure would be being able to travel without packing an entire pharmacy. a cure would be not worrying about if i am able to do something because of pain or fatigue or whatever it is that day.
Clarisse said…
Hi! I have lupus and dermatomyositis and I am still learning to manage all of it! Thank you for sharing what you have learned!
Kathy D Hicks said…
A cure for lupus would be a a God send not only for me, but for generations to come. I would be able to have my life back, visit the world, and play with my grandchildren again!

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