Free Webinar Jan 30th: How Medical Research REALLY works! (And learn why lupus treatments like Benlysta get to patients like us!)

Have 15 minutes at lunchtime? Tune in next Wednesday, Jan. 30th for the first in a series of patient-focused seminars, hosted by Antidote.  

Register here for a free webinar on how medical research works, or click the link below:

I am definitely guilty of tuning out conversations when they turn to the subject of medical research. We just want results,  right? 

But new treatments that aid in better disease management can only come via research, and specifically clinical trials.  This webinar is sure to demystify the topic, cast a refreshing new light on clinical trials,  and break down what really happens in the process of bringing new treatments to the patients that need them! 

Be sure to register using the link above. 


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