Exagen and Blue Cross Blue Shield to collaborate in the name of Lupus!

Exciting news for Exagen Diagnostics, the rheumatology specialty company I've blogged about before. You may recall I had a great time touring their working lab several months back. Once the lab coat went on, I totally geeked out!

You can read past posts here, but their most recent spotlight in the news is their most exciting yet - as major healthcare company CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield has signed on to collaborate with Exagen to study the impact of Exagen's AVISE Lupus test. The goal? To shorten the time it takes to receive a Lupus diagnosis, and ultimately improve treatment of the disease. I am feeling especially proud to be a card carrying member of BCBS insurance!

Here's a snippet of the press release below,  but be sure to read the rest here. And don't forget to ask your doctor if the AVISE Lupus test might be right for you!

- CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield (CareFirst) and Exagen Diagnostics, Inc. (Exagen), a leading Rheumatology specialty life sciences company, today announced an agreement to collaborate to study the impact of Exagen's proprietary AVISE Lupus test.  As part of the agreement, select CareFirst members will have access to the AVISE Lupus test to aid in the differential diagnosis of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).

The effort is part of CareFirst's Healthworx program, through which CareFirst works with innovative companies to proactively develop the evidence needed to make new technologies and advances available to its members.


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