Pops of pink πŸ’Ÿ Lupus doesn't define me - and I have a business to prove it! READ MORE

When I invented the Pillfold several years ago, I wanted to prove that my disease didn't define me. I wanted to still be ME, despite lupus. Bold, bright, upbeat -  that's who I am, with or without lupus. So why shouldn't my daily medication fit with that "look"?

I'm proud of my journey with lupus - and share my story of blood transfusions, lung taps, hair loss, joint pain, fatigue, and kidney trouble constantly - in-person, and here, on my blog. But I love that the task of adhering to my meds, managing my health, and embracing my disease doesn't have to scream "sick". It makes me feel in charge. In control. Normal.

I love that my pill organizer doesn't tell my story. I want to be the one to do that!


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