Thanks, MedCity News, for including the patient perspective in an article on Outcome Health!

Happy New Year! It seems I'm taking my own sweet time getting "back to work." I know it's a new year. And I'm happy with 2018 so far. But it's taken me the entire month of January to gear up to tackle the year ahead.  How about you? I hope you're off and running!

I'm happy to share last year's article from MedCity News, highlighting healthcare company Outcome Health, and including a patient perspective from little old me! (I don't think I've shared before - if so, chalk it up to the New Year slow mode!)

I've blogged about Outcome Health before, the healthcare company using technology to improve the patient experience in the doctor's office. So when MedCity News asked to interview me for an article highlighting the company, I was happy to participate. Love that they included the patient perspective in the first place!

You can read the entire article here - but my snippet is below. And keep an eye out for Outcome Health's technology in your doctor's office. Their tablets are popping up everywhere!



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