Even peppy pups need Pillfolds. 🐶Thx, niece Cloey, for showing us your meds! #lupusin60 Read more...

#lupusin60 -- Identify the Culprit:

It's so easy to blame lupus symptoms on something OTHER than the disease. In fact, just this past weekend, I noticed joint pain in my right wrist and ankle. It was mild at first, but by Monday, it had escalated so that each hurt with even the slightest movement. My first thought? My dog walker job (or rather, my daughter's) was taking its toll. In fairness, we were caring for a big, loveable, strong, rambunctious dog (not Cloey, mind you.) But if I was completely honest with myself, there were other issues at play: a) my naps in the days prior had been insufficient,  b) I had less than 7 hours of sleep two nights in a row, c) I entertained guests over the holiday, so my stress level was up, and d) I had a couple of drinks several nights in a row. ### So yes, it could have been the dog. But truth is, my lifestyle choices were very likely a contributing factor. That's the trick with lupus. Many symptoms - joint pain, fatigiue, rashes, just to name a few - can be attributed to something other than lupus. But I've learned that by ignoring the truth or flat out denying it, I miss the chance to be as pre-emptive as possible. Instead, honestly considering ALL of the evidence forces me to be accountable for my actions, and allows me to significantly impact my disease activity. So my week's homework thus far? More sleep. 2hr naps (no exceptions). Less stress. Zero alcohol. And no dog walking. My joints have already improved! #blog #dog #pillfold

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