Karate Health spotlight: Managing a lupus flare. Happy to have joined the conversation!

Had a chance to check out Karate Health's Lupus Corner yet? It's a great way to read about all things lupus. The topics are organized well, and the layout is easy to navigate. And the information shared is spot on. Many of the articles feature a poll or quiz question, which is always a fun, easy way of taking stock of your disease. It's a great new resource that I plan on using often.

Thus, I was happy to share my two cents to Lupus Corner's latest post on managing lupus flares. Thanks, Karate Health, for reaching out for my input, and for sharing the article entitled "Managing a Lupus Flare: Advice from Experts". You can read it here! 

Managing a Lupus Flare – Advice From Experts
Managing a Lupus Flare – Advice From Experts


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