Michael B. Jordan speaks out on lupus, and does a fantastic job!

Love this article about Michael B. Jordan's take on life with lupus, and his support for Selena Gomez. Mr. Jordan's mother suffers from lupus, and he gives a candid and spot-on interview about what lupus looks like and how it affects his mom. He does a great job of capturing the difficulties lupus presents its patients, and highlights how he, too, deals with the disease. I hope my children are able to describe the effects of my disease so accurately one day! Thank you, Mr. Jordan, for speaking out!

You can read the article here, but below are a few snippets that highlighted Mr. Jordan's intimate understanding of the effects of the disease:

“Just day-to-day routine and the most normal things are really hard to do when you’re not feeling well and your lupus is flaring up,” the Fantastic Four star told ET. “Every day can be a struggle.” 
Jordan also opened up about his own struggle of watching his mother deal with the illness after she was diagnosed in 2000, following complications with an operation on her knee.“When I was younger I didn’t understand it as much,” admitted the star, who is preparing for his upcoming role as Erik Killmonger in Black Panther. “As you get older, you really understand what’s what and the reality of the situation. Just coming to terms with the fact that she’s not healthy and there’s no cure for it is really hard. So you have to be extremely optimistic about finding a cure.”
“There’s also a feeling of helplessness,” he continued. “The most frustrating part for the family around somebody who has lupus is that you just want to do something to help, but there’s not a lot you can do.


Unknown said…
Thank you for posting this. I didn't know this and I'm fan girling because my husband and I bingewatched Friday Night Lights on Netflix during some of my flare ups. I also watched Parenthood too, lol! Some pretty amazing people are touched by this horrible disease. It means the world when there are people out there speaking up for spoonies!
Sara Gorman said…
Didn't he give a great interview!?! I had no idea either, so i'm happy you are as tickled as I am to see his name attached to lupus. Thx for chiming in!

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