Selena Gomez taking a break because of lupus.

About a month ago, I applauded the efforts of Selena Gomez (as well as Nick Cannon), for allowing her challenges with lupus to enter the spotlight. Now, I see that her bravery and courage are once again to be praised. 

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She has recently announced that she is taking another break in her career to deal with complications from lupus. Letting the world in on what must be a very difficult decision requires strength and resiliency - hallmarks of a true lupus patient. :) 

Both my daughters like Selena Gomez, and they know first hand the accommodations I've had to make because of my disease. So I mentioned the news to the girls this morning. 

I started off by reminding them that Selena Gomez has lupus, and Deirdre jumped in and said, "Did she order a pillbag??!!" I said not yet, but told them that she'd announced that she is taking a break from her music because of her lupus. She needs time to get healthy and strong. I went on to say that many people with lupus have to take breaks and get extra rest, just like me. 

Deirdre said, "Wow. Her fans must be really upset." And I said, "Yes, but she's doing the right thing by taking the break and getting the rest she needs." 

She thought for a minute, and said, "Do you think people will get it now? Get what lupus is about?" Through a teary eye, I said, "Yup, I think they'll finally start to get it." 

I then left her to finish brushing her hair. Two minutes later, she found me to continue the conversation. She asked, "So, are her concerts mostly at night, or are they during the day when she would be napping?" Then, incredulously, "Or is she not taking her naps??" I replied, "Well - her concerts are mostly at night, but you're right, I don't think she is taking naps. I think she just has to go, go, go all day long. But now, maybe she'll have time to nap." 

So Ms. Gomez clearly has Deirdre's vote (as well as the vote of the entire Gorman household) to do whatever she needs to get healthy, stable and strong. Here's a link to the article, but you can find many covering the news. I think I like this one best because the pic reminds me of Bernie!


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