The new Long Beach Pillfold: Larger and roomier, with more space for your pills!

When I came up with the concept for the pillbags, and had sewn a prototype, one of the first people I showed it to was my mom. She's always been a #1 supporter of my endeavors. And because of her past experience caring for my grandmother, as well as managing her own medications, I figured she knew her way around a prescription bottle. So off I went to consult her.

As expected, she gave me the support and encouragement I needed to take the next steps in launching my business. In return for her consultation, I asked if she wanted to start using a Pillbag, and she opted for a Pillpouch. I was hoping she'd try out the Pillfold (my personal favorite), but she declined, gently explaining that her daily medication simply couldn't fit inside the standard sized Pillfold pockets. I knew her robust pill regimen, and she was absolutely right. But I took note, and filed it away for future Pillbag designs.

Fast forward a few years, and my mom is still on her hefty pill regimen. As it turns out, so are a lot of other pill takers! After finding success with our standard pillfolds, I went back to the design table, and I am extremely proud to launch our latest pillfold design, the Pillfold Long Beach.

The Long Beach is an extended version, with deeper, roomier pockets to store and organize every last pill in your medication regimen. The generous pocket space is more than double that of our standard pillfolds, and the Long Beach comes in its own signature green pattern with hot pink interior.

This newest pillfold is named in honor of my mom, Sandy, who spent her teenage years sunning herself on the beaches of Long Beach, CA, and who, in her later years, has come to need a larger, LONGer,  pillfold. Mom - I've finally got you covered!

Check out our newest design here, and please spread the word!


Debs said…
I'm very excited to try this out! I'm one who has some larger pills that just wouldn't all fit into the other pillfold.
Sara Gorman said…
Super! I'm glad it might work for you. Shoot me an email before you order, and I'll share some details on your checkout process. :)

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