OTC bottles in the Pillpouch? You betcha!

I love hearing from Despite Lupus readers. It always reminds me that I'm not crazy for feeling the way I do, or for fretting about the things I fret about. All of a sudden, I feel like the most normal gal around...or at least like a crazy lupite who's not alone!

The same thing happens when I hear from pillbag customers. I know that my attempts to make my own life with lupus a little more bearable have resonated with someone else. That there are others who prefer the feel of fabric to clunky old plastic, or a colorful pattern to generic, sterile hospital blue.

So - when I heard from a pillbag customer earlier this week, who wanted a pillpouch to go along with her pillfold, it reminded me of my own pillbag combinations.

I'm currently using a Sebastian Pillfold and a Montego Pillpouch,

although I'm thinking of trying out the Pillfold Zoe/Pillpouch Trocadero combo seen here...

but the Pillfold Varsity is also calling my name. Decisions, decisions!

The customer asked a very specific question about the pillpouch, and I thought I'd share the answer, since it's come up before. The Pillpouch question of the day:

Can you fit over-the-counter pill bottles (like Tylenol or Advil) in the Pillpouch? And the answer is yes, you can! I took some quick pictures to demonstrate:

Note the two larger OTC pill bottles in an opened pillpouch, and then that same pillpouch closed.

If you ever have questions about the pillbags, fire away. It's always a pleasure talking shop! 


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