Your chance to support a great cause - VEDA t-shirts are calling your name!

Remember my friend Marissa over at She did the fantastic 12-12-12 Project, asking me to participate as one of the featured project members. She did the 12-12-12 project in an effort to get a little perspective on her own chronic illness - a debilitating vestibular disorder that basically leaves her imbalanced/chronically dizzy all day long.

In an effort to raise awareness, she's recently teamed up with VEDA - the Vestibular Disorders Association - to offer a series of pretty swanky t-shirts to raise money for the cause.

100% of the proceeds go to VEDA - so don't miss this opportunity to raise awareness for another relatively unknown chronic disorder!

Here's the link to the t-shirts, and here's the one I'm getting! Love the blue!



Unknown said…
I’ve really enjoyed reading this article, thank you for sharing. Tshirts are a great way of raising awareness. Listen Fundraising have been working really hard this year to help raise money for a great cause! I recommend you check out the fundraising they are doing!

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