Sticking with the minis: Hair clips to the rescue!

These little guys have been lifesavers over the past few months!

As strands continue to fall from my head, I've been trying to style my hair as little as possible. That's where these baby clips work wonders. I just gently pull back a little hair from each side, secure with a clip, and I'm done.

You can see from the second picture how I've "graduated" to these less-than-dime-size clips. But I won't complain. One day, I'm sure my hair will return en masse, and I'll be searching the house for the bigger clips you see here.

Until then, I'll stick with my minis!

Always looking to learn something new about my lupus hair loss and its causes, I decided to consult my newest (and perhaps, greatest) lupus resource, The Lupus Encyclopedia, by Dr. Donald Thomas. This book is fabulous, and should be your go-to book for anything and everything you want to know about lupus. Look for my review of the book to come in the next few weeks, but know that I went to the index, looked up "hair loss", flipped to the pages listed, and learned exactly what I wanted to know. It's extremely easy to navigate the 900-page book - I love having the answers to all of my lupus questions in one comprehensive book!


lupus treatment said…
Thanks for the info about lupus
Renee R said…
I too struggle with hair loss from lupus and am thankful for the ways God shows me to cope with the different hairstyles. Thanks for sharing

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