Reunions Gift Shop - now carrying the Pillbags!

I'm thrilled to announce that the Pillbags are now gracing the shelves at Reunions Gift Shop in Alexandria, VA! This store is MORE than just a gift shop - it's a feast for the eyes. They carry unique, fantastic finds - I guarantee you'll leave with more than a Pillbag!

Reunions has a great presence on Facebook (almost 5K likes - geesh!), and the store even has an app, complete with in-app deals. I first discovered them in The Scout Guide, Northern Va, Vol. 1, and then graphic artist friend Sarah Hollander thought the Pillbags would be a great fit for Reunions. I think the owner and I would agree!

Stop by today! 
1709 Centre Plaza
Alexandria, VA  22302
(703) 931-8161


Salma Jameel said…
Really awesome gifts which i am looking for keep continue sharing.

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