2013 Lupus Resolution: Purposeful Pacing

Wow. It's been awhile.

I think I do this every Christmas season. I decide to take a few days off from blogging due to the craziness of the season...and then I take a few more days...and then a few more days...and before I know it, the New Year is here, and I've had myself an unannounced blogger's vacation. Oops!

Thanks to all of you for your check-in emails to make sure that I'm still here. I AM here, and doing well - probably because I chose to take time off from blogging, rather than squeezing every last bit of time and energy I had, trying to fit in a post every few days! I don't think "overwhelmed" is the right word to describe the past few weeks, and "swamped" and "inundated" are a little strong.  But just like everyone else, I was definitely "busy"...with the girls, with Christmas, with the Pillbags, and with my book...so I just had to pick and choose what I could fit in, and still keep my health on track. Thus, blogging had to take a back seat.

I should probably pat myself on the back - since I actually made a wise decision to pare down and not overload myself. I hope you can say the same! Even if that wasn't the case for this holiday season, let's make 2013 the year to allow ourselves, without a stitch of guilt, to take things nice and slow. You can imagine how anxious I am to grow the Pillbag business, expand the reaches of my book, all the while making sure my renovation stays on course, the girls get the love and attention they deserve, and my lupus stays in check. But I'm not going to be able to achieve those first few goals, without making sure that last one is at the forefront of my mind. Pacing myself is the hardest thing I do every day...but it's the thing that makes my life the easiest.

So here's to pacing ourselves for the coming year. I'll be sure to fill you in every step of the way, telling you about my choices (wise or other!),  and I'll look forward to hearing from about your purposeful pacing endeavors. I hope they're good ones!


Lauren L. said…
Glad to see your back and doing well!! Happy Healthy New Year to you!!!
Sara Gorman said…
Thank you! Looking forward to a good year! Take care-sg
Mrs-Hdz said…
I was just talking to my husband about how I am feeling so much better today. I had been in an aweful flare for what seemed like months. I still have joint pain in my shoulder but it is better than before. Here's to a time without flares!

Sara Gorman said…
Claudia - I'm so happy to hear it! Here's to keeping it slow and steady as you continue to feel better!
Take care and thanks so much for sharing.
Stephen in FL said…
Thanks for the post! Actually, I had something of the same goal for this year too, especially as I have a few new ventures coming up. Then my computer was stolen the other day, and many of the articles that I had written (I hadn't added them to my sites yet) were gone. So, I found myself working overtime to catch up. I take this as a pretty important life lesson, and I have begun to make some more changes in my life.
Sara Gorman said…
Oh, how sorry I am to hear about your computer. I just blogged about my own laptop that conked out on me. It is the worst! Best of luck with the changes - they will undoubtedly pay off.
Hey, I hope that everyone here was successful (more or less) with the resolutions that they put out for themselves this year. While my girlfriend is the one who usually sets a resolution, I actually made a silent one this year which I had not shared with anyone. While it is nothing spectacular, I wanted to change up my sleep schedule and allocating more of my time to productive work during the day. Unfortunately (as you can tell by the timing of this comment), I still have a bit of work to do, but I am getting closer!
Sara Gorman said…
Robert - Oh, how our time-stamped comments don't lie! You don't know how many times I've started to reply to someone's comment...and I've caught myself, knowing the fact that if I'm doing so after 11pm, it will be right there in black and white. Let's hope it will deter both of us in the coming year! Best of luck - SG

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