Back from the UK, with lessons learned!

Our trip to the UK was fabulous!

As you can see from the pictures, the girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Deirdre was the sweetest little flower girl ever (biased, I know, but the pictures don't lie!), and Bernadette loved roaming the old cobblestone streets of England. They ate their way through every fish and chips joint in the country, and enjoyed every minute of it. We're glad to be back, but we're already looking forward the next Gorman adventure!

As far as the trip and my health are concerned, I don't have a single swollen to digit to report. I got plenty of rest (Johnny made sure of that), and the girls cooperated for both naps and for 10-12 hours of sleep at night. I had no excuse but to rest up! And the Despite Lupus seminar in Cambridge was great fun. We had a super turnout, and great conversation. The comments and questions were astounding. I definitely learned a thing or two!

I'll be sharing my thoughts on my most recent travels later in the week. Look for thoughts on "You are what you HEAR you are", "Making the most of your Can-Do lists", and "De-stressing, vacation style."


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