Got an iPad? Got lupus, too? You're in luck!

Good news on the Apple front - Despite Lupus is now available on the iPad!

Thanks to the keen (or is that geeky?) efforts of my brother-in-law, and the helpful resources provided by my au pair (aka her macbook), Despite Lupus: How to Live Well with a Chronic Illness has now been uploaded, approved, and is ready for purchase on the shelves of Apple's iBooks. It's available in 6 stores - including the United States, Canada, the UK, Australia, Germany, and France.

Not being a Mac gal myself, I'm not sure how to direct you to order your copy of the ebook, other than providing the links above. But I'm sure you Mac users and your little apps can figure it out.

Thanks for your patience while I sorted out my ebook availability - Kindle, Nook, and the iPad (which also allows for books on the iPhone, I believe.)

Have I forgotten anyone?


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