Lupus in the UK - "Despite Lupus" heading across the pond

As mentioned on Wednesday, my family and I are heading over to the UK to celebrate a family wedding this summer. Wondering if any of you London lupites will be around. Would you be interested in participating in a lupus workshop of sorts?

Some fellow writers of mine (one in Bath, one in Cambridge, both of whom are in the medical/chronic illness world) are willing and eager to work together to put something on. We were thinking of taking things in a few different directions: perhaps a Pain Management seminar...or maybe a Living with Lupus workshop. Maybe even a Lupus in Literature friend could read her poetry about living with illness, I could read and discuss an excerpt from my book, while others could come and read their musings on life with lupus.

What do you think? Any takers? We were leaning toward holding the event in Cambridge...but is London a better bet? Feel free to email me at I'll look forward to hearing from you. (Note that I've been talking with the Lupus UK organization - but would love to hear from the people who would actually participate.)

Let me know and see you this summer!


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