Back from vacation unscathed

A very happy belated Mother's Day to all of you moms out there. I had a perfectly spectacular day - spending it with my two favorite gals in the whole world (and their dad, who's pretty spectacular, too!)

We just returned from a 6-day vacation, so we opted to lay low on Mother's Day. I'd had enough good food and fun while we were away that I didn't need another brunch buffet  - spending almost 4 days in Hershey, Pennsylvania will do wonders for anyone's sweet tooth!

Johnny had a work conference in Hershey to attend, so the girls and I decided to join him. It was great! I was a little concerned that the two days he'd be attending the conference would be tough for me - Paola didn't come with us, so I was on my own in terms of fitting in my nap each afternoon - but it couldn't have worked out better. The girls and I fared quite well on our own - hitting the zoo, the park, and all of the Hershey highlights - and making it back for mid-afternoon, simultaneous siestas each day.

I can't deny that I was feeling pretty good about myself - I felt like quite the accomplished lupus mom. I did just enough to show the girls a good time, but not too much that I wore myself out. The pool waited until Johnny could join us, as did some shopping that Deirdre and I had wanted to fit in without Miss Bernie. Both outings would have been a bit taxing with the two ladies and just myself - so I waited for my back-up to arrive to help man the post.

We tacked the Hershey trip on the tail end of some time with Johnny's family in Philadelphia - fitting in several parties and outings while we were there. We've been busy - but I don't have a single swollen digit to show for it - which is a sure sign of a successful traveling experience. I didn't always have such positive experiences on the road - later in the week, I'll talk more about how I've changed my ways to ensure that my vacations really ARE vacations, not just invitations for a lupus flare!


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