So Johnny was out of town last week from Monday through Thursday (thank goodness for Paola!), and then again for most of the day on Saturday. Know what he said when he walked out the door? He made me promise that I would get my rest...we had Paola...and that's why she was here...so I had no excuses.

And you know what the consequence was if I didn't? He threatened me with the dreaded "Johnny tells all" blog post - where he would reveal to my loyal readers that I'd been misbehaving. Was I ever shaking in my boots? (At least I was resting while I was doing it.)

Good news is that while he was away, I managed to get plenty of sleep - thanks to Paola as well as my own willingness to put all blogging, cleaning, washing, shopping, exercising, organizing, etc. on the back burner and focus on the task at hand: staying rested and healthy for my little ladies.

Johnny's little stunt prompted me to think that perhaps there are some folks out there who would like to get a little one-on-one time with the better half of Despite Lupus - that being one Johnny Gorman. Maybe you want to know what it's really like to live with me, a lupite who's hit bottom but made it back alive. Or maybe your spouse wants to compare notes. Or he/she wants to know what to say. Or perhaps more importantly, what NOT to say.

Johnny's on board - ready and willing to accept inquiries, and happy to do so. (In fact, I think this was actually his idea.) Feel free to email us at sara@despitelupus.com. I promise to pass any and all questions onto him - uncensored. The lines are open!


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