Kit Kat's getting cheeky in there...

Kit Kat set the record for the biggest cheeks featured in a sonogram this past Wednesday. Apparently, the previous winner was a young lady featured in ultrasounds from 2008...but she's been overtaken, not surprisingly, by her sibling!

The sonographer gave us just the essentials at our last sonogram:

Kit Kat has big cheeks.
Kit Kat has hair, and a lot of it.
That hair is dark - no doubt about it.

The doctor confirmed that things are moving right along...I'm showing all the signs of delivering early. He's doubtful that I'll make it to my inducement date of Tuesday the 11th (moved up one day due to scheduling conficts), and is banking on the end of next week. Oh my! Deirdre's birthday is Friday, October 8th! If I have anything to say about it...which I don't think I do, I would love to pick any day OTHER than that Friday...but we shall see. Perhaps I'll employ my previously successful methods of indulging in a crispy KFC dinner and a walk in the park to move things along. That did it for Deirdre years ago. And if Kit Kat's cheeks are as big as we think...the big K won't be able to resist a big ole' chicken leg. (Or a biscuit with honey. Or that cole slaw.)

So everythings looks good. I'm ready. Johnny's ready. Deirdre's big girl room is ready. Dar's on baby watch, and Deirdre's about to become a big sister. Could life get any better?


lupie said…

I am excited too!!!
Can't wait to meet Kit Kat!
Gale in Alaska said…
I am really excited and ready for Kit Kat to make a safe journey to your loving arms. Take care of yourself and let us know when you can get around to us. I'll say a little prayer for you five Darwin counts.

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