What are customers saying about the book "Despite Lupus"?

Find out by clicking on our new and improved "Reviews and Feedback" menu category at the top of the website. You'll still find reviews from doctors, LFA, ALR (Alliance for Lupus Research), and a Success magazine writer...but scroll down and you'll find dozens of comments from readers just like you! People trying to make it through life with lupus - and doing a darn good job of it.

To those of you who have taken the time to tell me what you think of the book - thank you! I love hearing from you, and I'm sure others will appreciate reading your feedback. Your comments have certainly inspired me, and I'm so pleased that you have connected with what I've written.

And if you haven't taken a moment to let me know what you think about "Despite Lupus", feel free to do so. You can email me, or post your comments on the book's Amazon. com page. Just scroll down to "Create Your Own Review" on Amazon. com and start typing. Any comments that might help others figure out if this is the right book for them - I'm all for it!

Don't forget to check out our updated "Great Doctors" menu category, too. We've added Nephrology to the list, and updated a listing or two. Have a great doc to add to the mix? Feel free to email me. I'm all ears!


Unknown said…
Is there treatment for Lupus? Soon there might be with Benlysta: http://www.orderonlinedrugs.com/drug-news/2009/08/06/benlysta-hopes-to-change-lupus-treatment-forever/

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