Just wait a day: Deirdre's Irish Jig, etc.

In a previous post, I mentioned that during my pregnancy, Baby Deirdre (then Baby Bun) didn't hold back when it came to kicking in utero. Every day around 4pm, she would start practicing her dance moves - and now I know what she was up to! Here's the routine she must have been working on. Thanks to this Jungleroo Jumper our neighbor, Susan, kindly let us borrow, Deirdre is really perfecting her moves. She's right off the Riverdance stage, don't you think?

I'd originally planned to feature just the one video clip in today's post, but a few days after I took the first video of Deerdeepants...she started doing this new, slightly more vigorous dance routine...so I've decided to include it as well. Having a child reminds me how quickly life can change. All you have to do is wait 24 hours and they'll be doing something that they weren't doing the previous day. What a wonderful thing it is to witness such rapid (and adorable) development.

Notice, however, her indifference to her stage mother's encouragement at the end of this second video. I think she's saying, "Whatever, Mom. I've moved on to the bumblebee."

My doctor recently commented on this idea of change as a welcomed event, as it relates to chronic illness. After he read a few chapters of my book, he remarked that when it comes to having a chronic illness, it's understandable to fear that you might "feel like this forever." But the truth is, things always change. And as he puts it, "Knowing that we will not feel the same the next day or the next week is comforting. Our ability to change and put our happiness and the happiness of our loved ones as the core of our existence makes us happier and healthier people with our chronic disease, whatever that disease may be. " Well put, Dr. R!


Marilyn said…
What a doll! I can hardly remember when my kids were that small. Thank goodness for scrapbooking because my memory isn't what it used to be!
Marilyn said…
You'd better get her enrolled in some dance classes, quick....just one more thing to add to your list!
Super Sara said…
The kid's got rhythm!
Sara Gorman said…
Ladies - Thanks for acknowledging Deirdre's talent. It's hard to be objective when it's your own daughter...so I'm glad you both recognize that she's obviously going to need to be in the gifted and talented dance classes right way...:)

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