Lupus Advocacy Day - don't miss out!

It's back to Capitol Hill we go! That's right - Lupus Advocacy Day is upon us - giving us a chance to urge lawmakers to fund further research and pass legislation that could improve the understanding of and increase the treatment options for Lupus patients everywhere.

Lupus Advocacy Day is March 3rd, with training for participants on March 2nd. Click here to find out more about the two days of events.

Can't make it to Washington D.C.? There are two more ways to participate:

1) Become an e-advocate. Click here and complete the form provided on the LFA website.

2) Urge members of Congress to cosponsor the Lupus Research, Education, Awareness, Communication and Healthcare Amendments of 2007 by entering your zipcode here and then completing the form that follows, also found on the LFA website.

Thanks for participating!


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