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It’s Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life by Lance Armstrong

Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Seven Proven Steps to
Less Pain And More Energy by Fred Friedberg

Celebrate Life: New Attitudes for Living with Chronic Illness by Kathleen Lewis

Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart: Thirty True Things You Need to
Know Now by Dr. Gordon Livingston

A Short Guide to a Happy Life by Anna Quindlen

The Lupus Book, 4th Edition by Dr. Daniel J. Wallace

Rebirth: A Leukemia Survivor's Journal of Healing during
Chemotherapy, Bone Marrow Transplant, and Recovery by Deborah Ludwig


Arthritis Today (
Lupus Now (

Health sites

Mayo Clinic ( (
Lupus Foundation of America (
Lupus Foundation of America, Greater Washington chapter ( (
My Life Works Today! (
Alliance for Lupus Research (
Arthritis Foundation (
Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease (

Lupus Blogs

A Chronic Dose (
Sweet and Fit (
On the Road to a Cure (
Together, We will Find a Cure (


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