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Hello, Fabulous Fall colors! #fall #autumn🍁 #blog

Living with lupus: Speak up, because it's all in the details!

Special Discount for all Despite Lupites! Now take $30 off Shade!

Lupus Survey - What's your blood type? Is there a connection?

Rock Paper Cocktails - 9.24.17 - Come by the booth and use our special event code to save! READ MORE...

Organized, locked and loaded. Weekly pills ready to go, which means I'm ready to rock.

🎵"Sunshine, on my shoulders, makes me happy."🎵This sunbeam happens every afternoon, but lasts for less than 60 seconds. It's my favorite minute of the day. READ MORE...

Let's not act like it's Fall quite yet. 🌻🌻 #notyourgrandmaspillbox #pillfold #pillpopstyle #poshpills

Shade UV Sensor designed specifically for Lupus patients! Now on Sale! read more...

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