Introducing the Pink Ladies - the new Spring Pillfolds of 2013!

Believe it or not, pink is not my favorite color, but you sure can't tell it from my new Pillbags! My daughter Deirdre will tell you that, in fact, "Blue is Mommy's favorite color", but I decided to bring the signature pink of the inside of the Pillbag to the outside this Spring. Enjoy the fresh, fun, springy colors. And know that they go great with the Pillpouch Peabody™ I introduced a little over a week ago. Pairing the two together, you'll be toting your pills in style for sure!

Pillfold Amelia

Pillfold Winchester

Pillfold Colina

To order your new pink lady today, click here! 


Bailey said…
They are so cute! I just bought the Trocadero a couple of months ago though, so I guess I'll have to pass on these.

I was wondering if, on the pillbag page, you could possibly make it easier to find which lupus charity you are donating to each month? I can't seem to find that information anywhere. Thanks!
Sara Gorman said…
Bailey - That's a great idea! Let me see how and where I can post that information easily (as it is constantly changing from month to month), and I'll keep you posted. I appreciate the suggestion. FYI- the month of April was the Lupus Foundation of America, D.C./Maryland/Virginia chapter!

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