Another lupus drug entering Phase III trials...Lupuzor

Looks like the trend of lupus drug R&D is continuing. Although it still may be awhile before ImmuPharma's Lupuzor is approved and available for use, I'm glad to hear that efforts are continuing.
Help is on its way!

Lupuzor on Fast Track for FDA Approval

ImmuPharma, a drug discovery specialist, says its main aim in 2012 are to advance its Lupuzor drug and its cancer treatment programme.

Chief executive officer Dimitri Dimitriou told shareholders 2011 had been an important year - where the firm had regained the rights to the lead compound Lupuzor, for the treatment of lupus.

Now the drug has approval from the US Food and Drug Administration to start a Phase III trial, along with obtaining fast track designation potentially shortening the approval time by a year.

To read the entire article about plans for Lupuzor advancement, click here.

And in another article I read, it sounds like Lupuzor offers a significant cost advantage over Benlysta and multiple other therapies in development. All good news as far as I can tell!


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