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If you remember, Marissa over at was doing that ambitiously wonderful 12-12-12 project, and dedicated the month of May to lupus. She and I had the chance to talk at length a few weeks ago, and here's the interview. She did a great job of asking pertinent, poignant questions, and we've already heard from listeners out there who agree with the idea of living well, despite their illness. So glad to hear it!  

Marissa also read my book in preparation for "Lupus month"...and according to her, she's made some pretty applicable changes because of it. If it helps her live well, I'm all for it! You can read her thoughts on "Despite Lupus: How to Live Well with a Chronic Illness" here. 

At the close of the interview, Marissa asked me to leave her with a lesson, just as she's asked every other interviewee during her 12-12-12 project to do. Although I probably overloaded her with lessons during the interview, I decided to leave her with the following. Her "Lupus Lesson" blog post is below: 

From Marissa's website: 
This month really impressed upon me the importance of self awareness. In my own experience, I can share that looking within and challenging myself with difficult questions is what helped me move toward acceptance.
This months project member Sara Gorman leaves us with a beautiful lesson.
"I will mention a phrase in my book. It’s a little kind of a poem that I came up with that a lot of people have been able to identify with.
The harder I push, the sicker I get. The sicker I get, the less I resemble myself. The less I resemble myself, the harder I push to regain some semblance of who I used to be.
The point is you’ve got to break that cycle. You’re in control…It starts within. It really does. You have to make up your mind that the way you’re doing it right now, pushing through the pain, isn’t working – or it’s not working as well as it should."


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